Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Fluoride and the Pineal Gland

Basically human body is the series of interconnected organs, tissues, glands, and fluids.
Usually Fluoride found in water and in tooth paste as well that has side effect on human body in numerous ways including Pineal Gland.
It is located behind the third ventricle of the brain. They also connected with eye by light reception. They transmitted through the brain and Pineal Gland itself. Pineal Gland are responsible for the hormone melatonin, it contributes the pigment on your skin and protect them from any damage. The term used melatonin refers to responsibilities. They protect the whole body and controls the start of puberty in females. PinealGland occur just because of poor nutrition,  weak immunity and sodium fluoride.

Fluoride and Pineal Gland Calcification.
Besides the other tissues, in the body the pineal gland accumulates fluoride easily. According to the research and survey, the high fluoride concentration in the pineal gland reduces the melatonin production which is very dangerous for the health.It may disrupt the sleep and awake cycle of a life. The major or a negative part of pineal gland the individuals are suffering from it they can gain weight they turn into obese category. Poor digestion issues , it may lead to a vision loss as well.
The mood swings will happen to them.
It also affects the kidneys and poor circulation of a blood is also occurring to them. Melatonin deficiency in a body creates trouble in the whole body and it relates with the high level of fluoride in a body claimed. The Pineal Gland occur premature sexual development in a body and bipolar disorder disease such as insomnia and cancer which is life threatening problems. It is mandatory for the patients who are suffering from that disease straightaway go to the doctor to examine them for the proper cure and get the proper treatment for it before it cause any other major disease. Healthy Pineal Gland can improve your immunity system.

It also improves the cycle of sleep.
It energizes your mind and creativity towards the life goals. It balances the hormonal structure of a body to work properly.
Following are the few basic rules for healthy life to flush out pineal gland to the betterment of the overall health as well.  The basic thing is this to drink fluoride water which helps you to prevent from pineal gland issues or you can also use tap water over fluoride treated tap water. Use that type of tooth paste who is fluoride free you can also mix baking in to it and coconut oil as well in to this. Used the raw type food which is unprocessed or you used or opt for the organic produce if it is available. Take a sun bath for it to stimulate pineal gland for the general purpose at least twenty minutes for each day.
Specially used iodine type products , supplement which can flush out and to eliminate excess of fluoride from your body.
Eat healthy food specially boron food at a high level which helps you to prevent from severe disease which contains fluoride.
There are typical food introduce for pineal glandcure .
Red kidney beans.
Peanut butter.
As well as dates.

The main purpose of sharing the information to you is that we should treat pineal gland in a serious way. The doctors had always advised examination for such kind of problem, must be required for the cure otherwise it cause the life threatening for an individual and it disturbs the whole cycle of a life like fatigue , insomnia , sleep issues further.

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